Corendon Airlines Announces Seat Capacity for 2024, Expands Routes

 Corendon Airlines Announces Seat Capacity for 2024, Expands Routes

 Corendon Airlines Announces Seat Capacity for 2024, Expands Routes

One of the leading charter airline companies, Corendon Airlines, has announced plans to expand its routes in the summer of 2024. In addition to Turkey, Spain, Greece, Morocco, and Egypt, the airline will also operate flights from Cologne to Israel.

Having planned 2.8 million seats for the 2023 season, the company continues its cautious planning into 2024, revealing a seat capacity of 3 million for the season.

Stable Flight Program Prepared

Mine Aslan, Commercial Director of Corendon Airlines, stated, "As we expect stable demand, we will continue to offer our customers a customary range of connections in terms of travel destinations and available seat capacity for the upcoming summer." Aslan highlighted that due to challenging global economic conditions, they decided to ensure flight safety by preparing a stable flight program.

It was noted that Corendon Airlines would operate 300 flights per week to holiday destinations from 20 cities in Germany, primarily Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hannover, and Nürnberg, during the summer period.

Flying with 38 Boeing Aircraft in Its Fleet

Thomas Braun, the representative of Corendon in German-speaking countries, announced that, except for one route, the company would operate flights on all other routes with 38 Boeing aircraft belonging to its own fleet in the 2024 season. Braun reported that only for the flights to the island of Curaçao, an Airbus A350 type aircraft belonging to the Spanish company World 2 Fly would be used.

With cautious yet expansive plans, Corendon Airlines aims to offer a variety of destinations and maintain flight safety amidst global uncertainties, ensuring a steady and reliable service for travelers in the summer of 2024.