Kyrenia is the centre of tourism in Northern Cyprus and has the characteristics of a Mediterranean city and an island city. Kyrenia Castle bears traces of the Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian periods, but most of it has survived to the present day. It has been arranged as a modern museum with an interpretation centre, dungeons, St. George Church, the exhibition of artefacts from the Vrysi Neolithic Region, the revival of Kırnı (Pınarbaşı) Tombs, and the Mediterranean Tomb Excavation Department. Venetian Tower, Cistern, Lusignan Tower and the Sunken Ship Museum, where a 2,300-year-old ship dating back to 300 BC is exhibited. It dominates the historical Kyrenia harbour, which is considered to be the most beautiful harbour in the Mediterranean. At an altitude of 732 metres, St Hilarion Castle, one of the 3 mountain fortresses of Northern Cyprus, has the following display areas: interpreter centre, Barbican, warehouses, workshop, kitchen, Royal Palace, cistern, Prince John's Tower and Byzantine Church. Another masterpiece is the Bellapais Monastery, one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture of the medieval Eastern Mediterranean. Buffavento Castle, Archangel Michael and Icon Museum, Surp Magar Armenian Monastery, Antiphonidis Church, Lambousa ancient city and Alevkaya region where you can see endemic species and Herbarium are among other places to visit in Kyrenia region. Cyprus, orchid species and rare plants.

Kyrenia Hotels
Holidays are the best way to leave behind the exhaustion and overwhelmed feeling of life. When you feel fed up, you can start packing your suitcase immediately and create your travel route. All bad energies will stay outside the door in Kyrenia Hotels where you will breathe the fresh air of the Mediterranean. Here you will design your own world by turning towards your own wishes. Also, do not forget that when you are undecided for your accommodation, booking2cyprus is at your side with its recommendations.   

Elexus Hotel
The mornings you wake up in this hotel will be a separate pleasure for you. You will feel like you are in paradise when you open your eyes with the sad sound of the sea and the gentle breeze of the morning wind. You will get up energetically from your extremely comfortable bed and go to the hotel's restaurant where fragrant smells come from. You will have breakfast, which we cannot find time for in the hustle and bustle of daily life, this time by enjoying it. Then you will have pleasant moments within Elexus Hotel, which has an endless cycle of entertainment and activities. This facility, which aims to maximise the satisfaction of its guests in every category, is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the best hotel in Cyprus. 

Cratos Hotel
Cratos Hotel, where splendour and splendour are the main characters, is a unique host with its many facilities and dreamy nature view. In particular, it takes the breath away with its huge casino that hosts many types of games of chance. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to refresh with spa facilities for those who want to have a serene holiday. In the gastronomy section, where experience and talent come together as a whole, the hotel has surpassed itself. This large kitchen, where you can find all the flavours you are looking for without having to step outside, will first satisfy your eyes and then your stomach. The facility is often preferred for the honeymoon concept. The hotel has arranged every detail for the blossoming couples to live the most special moment in their lives like a fairy tale. It stands out among Cyprus Hotels with all these advantages. 

Lords Palace Hotel
As the name suggests, this hotel, which makes its guests feel like a lord or lordess, fascinates with its castle-like architectural structure. Lords Palace Hotel, which has a large number of room alternatives, can appeal to every taste. The facility, which is a breakthrough in nightlife, gives its guests the key to endless entertainment. It is perfect for crazy dancing and enthusiastic nights. In addition, the business that properly plans the organisation you wish is number one among the names of Kyrenia Hotels. 

Merit Royal Hotel
Merit Royal Hotel, where you can find the reflection of the holiday of your dreams, will give you unforgettable moments of beauty. Every day you spend here will give you a different energy with the entertainment life where special guests perform on certain days and dates. At the same time, you can get a hobby out of the ordinary with the casino where excitement is at the highest level. For guests who desire a holiday where healthy life plays a leading role, the Spa & Wellnes in the facility will take you on an intercontinental journey. You can learn what you wonder about the hotel from Merit Royal Cyprus reviews or from internet address.    

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