Cyprus Hotels

Acapulco Resort Hotel

Welcome to Acapulco Resort Hotel: Your Gateway to Mediterranean BlissDive into a world of relaxation and adventure at Acapulco Resort Hotel, where the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean meet luxurious hospitality set against the backdrop of beautiful Cyprus. With our stunning landscapes, a plethora of amenities, and a commitment to ex


Arkin Palm Beach Hotel

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel: Where Luxury Finds Its Home in Northern CyprusNestled in the tranquil corner of Famagusta, the Arkin Palm Beach Hotel is not just a destination but a luxurious experience that begins at the shores of the stunning Mediterranean and doesn't end until you've explored every opulent corner of this magnificent property.


Concorde Luxury Resort

Welcome to Concorde Luxury Resort: Embrace Elegance in the Heart of the MediterraneanDiscover a world where luxury knows no bounds at Concorde Luxury Resort, your exclusive gateway to a Mediterranean paradise nestled in the tranquil embrace of Cyprus's stunning coastline. Here, we blend sumptuous comfort with unparalleled service, curatin


Concorde Tower Hotel

Welcome to Concorde Tower: Sky-High Luxury in the City's HeartElevate your travel experience at Concorde Tower, where luxury scales new heights in the city's vibrant epicenter. Our hotel, soaring above the bustling streets below, is a testament to modern elegance, offering a sanctuary of comfort, style, and unparalleled service for the di


Cratos Premium Hotel

Welcome to Cratos Premium Hotel: Where Luxury Reigns SupremeNestled in the heart of the Mediterranean's shimmering landscape, Cratos Premium Hotel is your exclusive gateway to a world of unparalleled luxury, vibrant entertainment, and serene relaxation in Northern Cyprus. Here, we redefine the concept of premium hospitality with our opule


Denizkizi Hotel

Embrace the Coastal Charm at Denizkizi Hotel, Kyrenia: Your Beachfront Haven in Northern CyprusDelight in the serene embrace of the Mediterranean at Denizkizi Hotel, your beachfront sanctuary nestled on the northern shores of Cyprus. Here, the tranquil waves beckon, and the warm Cypriot culture envelops you as you step into a realm of coa


Dome Hotel

Immerse Yourself in Coastal Sophistication at Dome Hotel, KyreniaEncounter the epitome of coastal elegance at Dome Hotel, located in the picturesque setting of Kyrenia, North Cyprus. With a heritage spanning over 80 years, this esteemed hotel sits on Kyrenia's most beautiful and central coast, nestled amid the city's vibrant heart yet mai


Elexus Hotel

Indulge in the Epitome of Luxury at Elexus Hotel, Kyrenia:Nestled amidst the stunning natural vistas of Northern Cyprus, the Elexus Hotel presents a haven of luxury, comfort, and endless enjoyment in the city of Kyrenia. With a plethora of amenities and picturesque views, your stay at Elexus Hotel is sure to be a memorable one.Unbeatable



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Cyprus Hotels

Island of Allure: Exploring the Charm of Hotels in Cyprus and Northern Cyprus

Cyprus, an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, has long been a crossroads between continents and civilizations. It's a tapestry of cultural influences, natural beauty, and historical significance — a backdrop that makes it a fascinating destination for travelers. The island's hospitality scene reflects its heritage, offering a range of accommodations from luxury resorts to family-run boutique hotels. In this article, we journey through Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, exploring the unique charm and allure of their hotel offerings.

Cyprus: A Blend of Luxury and Culture
1. Anassa Hotel, Latchi
Tucked away between the unspoiled beaches of Cyprus's western coast and the serene Akamas National Park, Anassa Hotel combines nature's tranquility with pure luxury. The hotel's design reflects the island's Byzantine history, offering a village-like feel with lush gardens and world-class amenities. From fine dining to a renowned spa and a host of water sports, Anassa provides a holistic experience of Cypriot hospitality.

2. Almyra, Paphos
Set along the picturesque coastline of Paphos, Almyra is a haven for modern travelers. With its contemporary design, the hotel offers a stylish take on Mediterranean luxury. The rooms and suites boast panoramic sea views, complemented by amenities like a holistic spa, gourmet restaurants, and a private beach — making it an ideal spot for both relaxation and adventure.

3. Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri
Nestled in the secluded bay of Pissouri, Columbia Beach Resort is a gem on the island's southern coast. Its distinct architecture, inspired by Cypriot traditions, blends seamlessly with luxurious touches. Guests can enjoy an award-winning spa, a variety of dining options that celebrate local cuisine, and a range of activities from sailing to wine tasting.

Northern Cyprus: Unspoiled Beauty and Warm Hospitality
1. Kaya Palazzo Resort & Casino, Kyrenia
Overlooking the clear waters of the Mediterranean, Kaya Palazzo offers a touch of opulence in the heart of Northern Cyprus. The hotel features lavish accommodations, a bustling casino, and an array of dining options. Its beachfront location allows guests to bask in the sun, while its spa services provide a perfect end to a day of exploration.

2. Lord's Palace Hotel, Kyrenia
Standing elegantly in the harbor town of Kyrenia, Lord's Palace Hotel exudes colonial charm with a twist of modern luxury. The rooftop swimming pool and terrace offer stunning views of the Mediterranean and the surrounding mountains. With its blend of Cypriot culture and contemporary comfort, the hotel ensures a memorable stay.

3. Concorde Luxury Resort, Bafra
Located in the unspoiled region of Bafra, Concorde Luxury Resort is a destination for those seeking a getaway from the hustle and bustle. Its sprawling complex offers everything from a comprehensive spa to a vibrant casino, catering to a spectrum of travelers. The resort's architecture, infused with local elements, highlights the cultural richness of Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus and Northern Cyprus, though echoing different historical narratives, stand united in their unparalleled hospitality. The hotels across the island are not just accommodations; they are gateways to the diverse cultures, rich histories, and stunning landscapes of this unique region. They manage to encapsulate the essence of the island, offering guests a chance to unwind amidst Mediterranean bliss, engage in exciting activities, and soak in the local culture. Whether you're watching the sunset from a beachfront resort, trying your luck at a northern casino, or exploring the local history from a boutique hotel, Cyprus promises an experience that will linger long after the journey ends. From the sun-kissed beaches of Paphos to the rugged beauty of Kyrenia, the island's hotels invite you to discover the true spirit of Cypriot hospitality.