UK to Turkey Holiday Guide for Summer 2024: Best Packages

UK to Turkey Holiday Guide for Summer 2024: Best Packages

UK to Turkey Holiday Guide for Summer 2024: Best Packages

If you are planning a holiday to Turkey from the UK for the 2024 summer season, we at Caria Holidays are here to guide you and offer you the best holiday packages. Turkey is famous for its diverse cultures, breathtaking natural beauty, historical richness and warm hospitality. Whether it's a sailing holiday on the azure waters of the Aegean or a balloon ride among the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, there is so much to discover in Turkey. Here are the best packages to consider for UK holidays to Turkey for summer 2024:

1. Cappadocia Dream Package
Caria Holidays' "Cappadocia Dream" package is ideal for travellers who want to explore unique natural formations, historic cave churches and underground cities. This package includes a hot air balloon tour, professionally guided tours and luxury accommodation options. In the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia, you will accumulate unforgettable memories while soaring in the sky.

2. Aegean Coast Sailing Tour
Discover Turkey's most beautiful bays and beaches on a sailing tour in the crystal waters of the Aegean. Caria Holidays' "Aegean Coasts Sailing Tour" package allows you to visit hidden paradises and ancient ruins, starting from Bodrum, Marmaris or Fethiye. This package covers everything including private sailing charter, an experienced skipper and meals.

3. Antalya Adventure Package
Antalya's golden beaches, historical ruins and stunning natural beauty await you with the "Antalya Adventure" package. This package includes luxury hotel accommodation, private beach access, daily tours to the best sights of Antalya and optional water sports activities. It is an excellent option especially for families and couples.

4. Istanbul Culture and History Tour
Take a journey through time in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey, with Caria Holidays' "Istanbul Culture and History Tour". This package includes guided tours of world heritage sites such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus and luxury accommodation. It is a great opportunity to discover the unique culture and history of Istanbul.

5. Lycian Way Walking Tour
For nature lovers, Caria Holidays offers an unforgettable adventure on the Lycian Way. The "Lycian Way Walking Tour" package allows you to discover ancient cities and natural beauties accompanied by the magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea. Accompanied by professional guides, this tour includes comfortable accommodation and delicious local cuisine.

An Unforgettable Summer in Turkey with Caria Holidays
At Caria Holidays, we offer the best packages for unforgettable memories on holidays from the UK to Turkey for the summer of 2024. Each package has been carefully crafted with travellers in mind who want to discover Turkey's unique beauty and experience its culture. Contact us and take the first step to make your dream holiday in Turkey a reality.