Turkey Winter Holiday Recommendations

Turkey Winter Holiday Recommendations

Turkey Winter Holiday Recommendations

During the winter months, regions adorned with snowy forests and mountain views provide a delightful escape from stress and the hustle and bustle of city life. Winter tourism has become increasingly popular in Turkey in recent years, offering a peaceful and serene holiday experience in regions renowned for their winter attractions. As a result, hotels and the facilities they offer have diversified to cater to winter holidaymakers.

Bolu - Abant / Yedigöller
Yedigöller, one of the destinations where we can enjoy postcard-perfect scenery and comfortable hotels during the winter months, is a must-visit. If you haven't had the chance to go to Yedigöller yet, this winter is the perfect time to plan that route!

Kars - Sarıkamış
Eastern Turkey's winter landscapes are truly magnificent, and Sarıkamış stands out as one of the best destinations for winter holidays, boasting both Sarıçam forests and ski-friendly slopes. If you enjoy traveling and wish to witness all of Turkey's snowy landscapes, mountains, plains, lakes, and rivers while making your way to Kars, you can reach Kars by taking the Eastern Express train.

Bursa - Uludağ
When it comes to skiing, forests, mountains, and winter in Turkey, Uludağ is the first address that comes to mind. It has been one of the most comfortable holiday destinations during the winter months for years. Uludağ offers unique beauty throughout the year, but the tranquility of enjoying winter landscapes and skiing in Uludağ is truly special for all of us. Uludağ has ski slopes suitable for both professional skiers and amateurs, with varying levels of difficulty. Moreover, the ski lifts and gondolas ensure a hassle-free experience during winter activities.

Kayseri - Erciyes
Kayseri, one of the most beautiful and flavorsome provinces in Central Anatolia, is a must-visit destination due to its easy accessibility and the ski resorts and magnificent winter hotels found on Mount Erciyes. Erciyes offers a range of winter sports options and the chance to enjoy serene winter landscapes.

Sakarya - Sapanca
If you are looking for a holiday destination close to Istanbul, immersed in nature, then Sapanca is the perfect choice. Offering natural beauty in every season, Sapanca is the ideal place to stay during the winter months, especially in hotels with views of Sapanca Lake.

As winter approaches, these enchanting destinations in Turkey invite you to experience the magic of the snowy season. Enjoy winter sports, embrace the tranquil winter scenery, and make lasting memories in these extraordinary locations.