Gloria Verde Resort

Gloria Verde Resort

Belek / Antalya

General Info

Welcome to Gloria Verde Resort - A Haven of Health and Luxury

Discover the perfect blend of wellness and luxury at Gloria Verde Resort, nestled in the scenic embrace of Belek, Turkey. Our resort, known for its lush landscapes, exquisite comforts, and commitment to health and well-being, offers a unique holiday experience that nourishes the body and soul.

Accommodation - Relax in Luxury
At Gloria Verde Resort, our range of rooms, suites, and villas are designed to be sanctuaries of peace and comfort. With elegant décor, modern amenities, and stunning views of the sea or gardens, each accommodation option ensures a serene stay. Our exclusive villas, with additional space and services, provide the ultimate luxury experience.

Dining - Nourishment for Body and Soul
Embark on a culinary journey that's as healthy as it is delicious at our various dining venues. Gloria Verde Resort offers a unique food experience with menus crafted from organic, locally sourced ingredients. From nutritious buffets to à la carte dining options, each meal here supports your wellness journey while delighting the palate.

Wellness and Spa - Your Journey to Renewal
Revitalize yourself at our renowned Asklepion Spa & Thalasso. This wellness sanctuary offers a comprehensive range of treatments, therapies, and personalized wellness programs, utilizing the healing powers of water. Our skilled therapists and tranquil environment ensure a holistic experience that rejuvenates mind, body, and spirit.

Activities and Entertainment - Energize and Enjoy
There's never a dull moment at Gloria Verde Resort, with a host of activities designed for all ages. Stay active with our fitness programs, enjoy leisurely swims in our pools, or relax on the pristine beach. Children will love the entertainment options at the Gogi Kids Club. Our evenings come alive with vibrant shows, music, and dance performances, ensuring every moment is memorable.

Events and Conferences - Perfect Moments, Perfected
Host your events, conferences, or celebrations at Gloria Verde Resort, where every occasion is extraordinary. Our elegant venues, modern facilities, and dedicated team work in unison to create events that are seamless and memorable. From intimate gatherings to grand ceremonies, we bring your visions to life.

Exploration and Adventure - The Wonders of Belek
Explore the rich tapestry of Belek, with its historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural experiences. Whether it's a day of golf, a historical excursion, or a shopping spree, there's something for everyone. Our team is always ready to assist with recommendations, reservations, and transport.

Sustainability - Harmony with Nature
Gloria Verde Resort is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Our initiatives encompass energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and supporting local communities, ensuring we offer a luxury experience that respects our planet and benefits future generations.

Experience Wellness Like Never Before
Gloria Verde Resort welcomes you to a world where luxury and wellness go hand in hand. Book your stay with us and embark on a journey that will refresh, renew, and revitalize every part of your being.