Adam Eve Hotel

Adam Eve Hotel

Belek / Antalya

General Info

Welcome to Adam & Eve Hotel - Redefining Ultra-Luxury and Sensual Elegance

Enter a realm where fantasy blends with reality at the Adam & Eve Hotel, the world's most uniquely designed hotel nestled in the enchanting Belek region of Antalya. Renowned for its breathtaking minimalist architecture, unparalleled luxurious experiences, and an atmosphere that exudes sensual elegance, Adam & Eve offers an avant-garde approach to your holiday retreat.

Accommodation - A Haven of Sensuous Luxury
Indulge in the height of sophistication and comfort in our rooms and villas, each designed with a keen eye for modernist style and sensual elegance. The Adam & Eve's accommodation experience is a journey through lavish spaces, with mirrored walls, state-of-the-art amenities, and private vistas of the glistening Mediterranean. Here, every room is a testament to luxury, offering a private and sumptuous sanctuary where desires meet reality.

Dining - A Symphony of Flavors
Prepare for a culinary odyssey at Adam & Eve. Our gastronomic offerings are as diverse and exquisite as our architectural grandeur. From the aphrodisiac tastes of our exclusive restaurant to the global flavors served at our panoramic eatery, every dish promises a sensory journey. Relish innovative cuisines prepared by world-class chefs, served in breathtaking settings that echo the hotel's stylish aesthetics.

Entertainment and Nightlife - Where Fantasies Come to Life
Adam & Eve boasts an entertainment scene as vibrant and dynamic as its design. By day, bask in the sun at the longest pool in the Mediterranean, or soak up the sea's tranquility on our pristine private beach. As night falls, the hotel transforms into a pulsating arena of excitement, with exclusive parties, high-profile performances, and a nightclub that invites you to dance until dawn.

Sensual Wellness - Revitalize Body and Soul
Immerse yourself in a wellness experience like no other at our Eden Spa. This luxurious haven offers an extensive menu of treatments and therapies, each designed to rejuvenate your senses and enhance your natural allure. From couple's massages to beauty enhancements, the Eden Spa is your sanctuary for physical and spiritual renewal.

Exclusivity and Privacy - Your Personal Paradise
For guests seeking the ultimate in exclusivity, Adam & Eve offers the 'Heaven Villa,' a realm of unparalleled luxury and privacy. This opulent space includes personal butler service, a private pool, and bespoke experiences, ensuring a stay as unique as our guests.

Discover the Allure of Belek
While the allure of Adam & Eve is boundless, the charm of Belek awaits outside. Explore world-class golf courses, historical sites, and natural wonders, all within reach. Our concierge is delighted to arrange excursions that reflect your interests and desires.

Experience the Extraordinary at Adam & Eve
At Adam & Eve Hotel, we offer more than a luxurious stay; we present a unique experience that tantalizes your senses, captivates your imagination, and indulges your deepest desires. Join us in this paradise, where every moment is a cherished memory waiting to unfold.